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Protectors of Boone County, Texas - Book 4

Their shared past ended badly
But he’ll give everything to save their future

ecurity expert Nate Reed hates returning to Resolute, Texas—almost as much as becoming assistant DA Sara Bennett’s bodyguard. Their spring break fling years ago ended badly. A second chance can’t happen…no matter how much desire still simmers. But when a dangerous stalker’s threats escalate to a deadly inferno, Nate will risk it all to keep his vulnerable, irresistible charge safe.

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Protectors of Boone County, Texas - Book 3

She’s a person of interest…
And a woman in danger

When Rachel Miller becomes a suspect in her ex-husband’s murder, Chief Deputy Adam Reed believes that she’s innocent—and not just because he’s had a crush on her since high school. As they work together to find the real killer, Adam realizes that he might have another chance with Rachel…if she trusts him to protect her, and if he can trust her with his heart. 

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Protectors of Boone County, Texas - Book 2

She thought she’d be safe…
But her
secret puts them both at risk

Traumatized after killing in self-defense, Bree Delgado left San Antonio PD to join a rural sheriff’s office. Her distractingly gorgeous new partner, Noah Reed, assures her that small towns have serious crime, too—and Bree has a dangerous vulnerability. She may have to trust Noah with the truth, but that doesn’t mean she has to give in to the attraction simmering between them… 



Protectors of Boone County, Texas - Book 1



Between hunting human traffickers and solving her father’s murder, Sheriff Cassie Reed’s hands are full. So, despite her attraction to Tyler Bishop, finding his runaway missing niece isn’t a priority.


Besides, the charming PI’s penchant for bending rules exasperates the by-the-book cop. But when a leak in her department brings Cassie under suspicion, joining forces with the tantalizing rebel is her only option.


K-9s on Patrol - Book 5

Would a mysterious stranger blow her cover?
Or wind up saving her life?

Veterinarian Marie Beaumont’s spent five years in witness protection hiding from a ruthless foe. But then she and her K-9 save the life of a handsome stranger with amnesia and Marie's horrified when he begins to remember her—as the woman she once was. But who is the elusive Jack? A caring, electrifying protector…or a killer sent to finish off Marie once and for all?

 Texas Ranger Samantha Goode Series

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Crystal Creek Mysteries - Book 1

She left town to save a life. Now she’s back to avenge a death.

Years ago, Samantha Goode was driven away from love, her family, and her past. Now the Texas Ranger is back in Crystal Creek for her estranged grandmother’s funeral, even though it means coming face to face with everything, and everyone, she’d left behind. When a brutal murder shatters her world, Sam is determined to stay until she solves it. Soon she’s knee-deep in suspects, including the family of the man she once loved but was forced to betray.

Rancher Clayton Barnett will do anything to keep his autistic younger brother out of an institution, including sidelining his life to work for their powerful, manipulative father. When tragedy brings Sam back into his life, instead of rekindling their romance, Clay finds himself embroiled in a dangerous murder investigation.

Will old secrets pull Sam and Clay apart once more, or can they rise above their past? And with a ruthless killer on the loose, will Sam’s hard-earned Ranger skills be enough to ensure that Goode triumphs over evil?

 Texas Ranger Samantha Goode Series



Crystal Creek Mysteries - Book 2

Samantha Goode's new case hits too close to home

Texas Ranger Samantha Goode never backs down from a fight, especially one right outside her door. Settling into small town life after a long absence, she’s focused on second chances – for herself, for the town, and her renewed relationship with rancher Clay Barnett. But when a dead woman is found on her best friend’s property, Sam’s investigation threatens her fresh start as the residents of Crystal Creek come under suspicion.

Soon, more bodies are discovered from San Antonio to Houston, and Sam realizes she’s hunting her most dangerous opponent – a serial killer. As she chases leads across the state, Sam follows the killer’s trail back to Crystal Creek and those she loves. She’s determined to protect the townspeople, but what if one of them is the evil she hunts?

When the case comes down to her badge or her friends, will Sam have what it takes to fight the Goode fight?

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